Tecnotion is the global authority on linear motor technology. They are the world's only unbundled manufacturer of linear motors. A former part of Philips, Tecnotion specialize solely in the development and production of linear motors. Because of this, their expertise, customer service and product quality are unmatched.

When you do business with Tecnotion, you have a team of highly skilled sales and application engineers at your disposal. They help you from the initial prototype all the way to the application of their products and beyond. Whatever your needs are, we count Tecnotion as a solid, reliable partner.

Servo2Go is a North American Distributor for all Tecnotion product lines.

Tecnotion Products We Provide

Vacuum Motors

Linear motors specifically designed to operate under vacuum conditions, for instance in the semiconductor industry. These vacuum rated ironless motors feature specifically designed coil units and magnet yokes for use in high vacuum, down to 10-8 mBar. Apart from the features carried over from our regular ironless motors: light weight and ultra precision, this series is also capable of incredibly smooth motion and achieves the lowest amount of outgassing possible for a series product of this type. The importance of low outgassing can be so crucial for certain applications, that we had this thoroughly tested and can even supply you with exact specifications and performance details, should you so desire.


Torque Motors

Rotary linear motors that enable highly efficient and maintenance free rotation along an axis. Torque motors are permanent-magnet direct drive motors that rotate along an axis. They can be used wherever a rotary movement is required and offer numerous advantages over conventional servo drives. The QTR series suits applications in markets such as semiconductor, medical, machine tool, printing, rotary tables, factory automation, and robotics. Go to all advantages and features. or to our application note about torque motors for more information.

Ironless Motors

Lightweight motors suited to applications  more concerned with high velocity and/or high precision. In contrast to iron core motors, these motors feature an ironless coil unit, so there is no attraction force or cogging between the coil unit and the magnet track. This is what gives ironless motors their light weight, superior precision, a linear force constant and extremely dynamic velocity, acceleration and deceleration. Continuous force ranges from 10N all the way up to 846N with peak force of up to 4200N.

Iron Core Motors

Heavy-duty motors well suited to applications that are more concerned with high force rather than dynamic motion. Designed and constructed with an iron core, these linear motors offer extremely high continuous force for their size, starting at 60N for the small TM, all the way up to 3000N for the water cooled TBW powerhouse. Peak forces are even higher, reaching up to 6000N.

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