Brushed Servo Motors

Servo Motor

Brushed servo motors are those that have a winding in the rotor and permanent magnets on the stator. In order to achieve motor torque, carbon brushes and a mechanical commutator provide a current path through the windings. A DC brushed servo motor will continue to rotate if a DC power source is applied across its terminals.

Many consider brushed servo motors to be the “workhorses” of motion control as they are economical and easy to use. Due to their ability to operate without onboard electronics, they can be used in applications with extreme environmental conditions. These motors produce smooth motion at low speeds and have good speed control, while being smaller, more efficient, and cheaper than brushless motors. Contact us today to learn more about our brushed servo motors.

Brush DC Servo Motors

Brush DC servo motors have developed a reputation for ruggedness, versatility and ease-of-use.  They have found uses in a large number of applications across a variety of industrial, commercial and even defense applications.

Some of our brush servo motors can withstand temperatures in excess of 100°C and can operate for more than 40,000 hours before maintenance becomes necessary.

Brushed servo motors also feature higher inertia vs. brushless motors (of the same size) for improved load-to-motor inertia matching.

Industries & Applications

Brush DC Servo Motors

Brushed servo motors can be used in a variety of different applications such as:

  • Consumer Goods
  • Small Appliances
  • Automotive (Power Seats, Windshield Wipers)
  • Industrial Applications (where high torque is required during acceleration/deceleration)
  • Battery-Powered Devices

DC Servo Motor Manufacturers

Torque Systems TORQUEMASTER Series

With fast response, accurate control and high torque-to-inertia ratios, these brush servo motors provide smooth operation throughout a full speed range and maximum power ratings with low thermal resistance for high speed performance.

ElectroCraft DirectPower™ Series

ElectroCraft DirectPower Plus are high-efficiency servo motors which feature a rugged, heavy-gauge steel housing construction for long-life and durability. These high- efficiency motors include dynamically balanced armatures, sealed ball bearings, and replaceable brushes.

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