Netzer Precision

In the realm of absolute position encoders, Netzer Precision has carved a niche with their sophisticated products that blend durability, superior performance, and versatile functionality. Catering to a broad array of motion control applications, their electric encoders stand apart due to their high precision, enduring reliability, compact form factor, and minimal weight and inertia.

Among their portfolio, the VLX and DS series encoders deserve special mention:

  • VLX Series Encoders: Distinguished by their remarkable durability and minimal weight, these encoders are adeptly designed to meet the requirements of applications where dimensions and weight are critical parameters. Despite their small size, they assure high-resolution absolute position output.
  • DS Series Encoders: These encoders demonstrate a unique blend of robust design capable of withstanding severe environmental conditions, and high accuracy. With their low-profile installation and impressive resolution, they offer reliable performance in various demanding applications.

Netzer Precision's dedication to creating top-tier, precise encoders assures you'll find the optimal solution for your absolute position encoder needs.