Stepper Motor Motion Checkers

The Nippon Pulse America line of Stepper Motor Motion Checkers is an easy-to-use diagnostic tool for testing stepper motor and drive operation. The compact test device is ideal for remote location diagnostics, and can be powered by a standard 24VDC source.

The Motion Checker Kit includes step motor, stepper driver and AC adaptor. The drive mode supports unipolar and bipolar full or half step operation (full step operation only with model MCH-1).

Motion Checker Kit Features:

  • Equipped with memory feature to retain program settings
  • Program operation (repetitive operation of 6 steps/pattern including zero return) enabled
  • Inching operation (one-step operation) enabled
  • Jog operation (continuous operation only while operating switch) enabled
  • Easy-to-use compact and lightweight mobile type with built-in 2-phase stepper motor driving circuit.
  • Various settings enabled such as rotation direction, speed control, position control, operation mode, stop time of stepper mot
  • Connecting other external driving circuits enabled by pulse output signals
  • Connecting and integrating external device enabled with external input/output signals
  • All-in-one type for easy operation checking
  • RoHS Compliant Product


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