Double C Face Brakes

Double C Face brakes are designed to provide maximum versatility and are used as a coupler between standard C-Face motors and C-Face gear reducers. Double C Face coupler brakes are spring-applied power-off brakes.

How Double C Face Brakes Operate

When a DC voltage is applied to the magnet coil, a magnetic field is generated. This magnetic force then pulls an armature across a small airgap and compresses multiple springs embedded in the magnet housing.

When the armature is flat against the magnet face, the torque from the motor input is transmitted through the brake to the output shaft and gearbox. With the brake powered and released, work is done on the machine.

When power is released from the coil, the springs push the armature back. The friction lining is squeezed between the armature and a secondary friction plate, creating brake torque. Since the frictional lining is connected to the brake’s output shaft, the output shaft is locked and can no longer rotate.


Double C Face brakes are designed for industrial applications where they fit between a standard C-Face motor and gear reducer. They can also be used to retrofit units that are already installed but lack braking capability.

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