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The SRST Series shunt-regulator assemblies are designed to work with ADVANCED MOTION CONTROL’S four quadrant regenerative servo amplifiers. During braking most of the stored mechanical energy is fed back into the power supply, which charges the output capacitor to a higher voltage. If the charge reaches the amplifier's over-voltage shutdown point, motor control and braking will cease. To ensure smooth braking of large inertial loads the use of a shunt-regulator is recommended. Verify the need for a shunt regulator by operating the servo under the worst case braking condition. If the amplifier shuts off due to over-voltage (blinking red LED) a shunt regulator is necessary (typically during downward move or deceleration). The SRST assemblies are available with standard shunt voltages of 50, 70, 80, 90, 135, 175, 185, 380 and 400 Volts. Models SRST50, 70, 80, 90, 135, 175, 185 are designed for use with our 200 Volt amplifiers. These models have a 200VDC, 1200μ F filter capacitor in them. Models SRST380 and SRST400 are designed for use with our 400-Volt amplifiers.


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