Servo2Go is a CIMON distributor and supplies a range of CIMON industrial automation products. CIMON is leading the Industry 4.0 Revolution with smart factory technology. Through PLC and SCADA solutions, they bring control and efficiency to manufacturing. They are an industrial automation company focused on process control and the manufacturing market. They work with hundreds of manufacturers, providing a total solution from product supply to system design. The company is focused on developing hardware and software simultaneously, allowing faster response time in the market.

Cimon Product Lines Include:

  • CIMON-SCADA - a Windows-based software for industrial automation management. It is optimized for the IoT generation, making it possible to monitor and control your business processes anytime and anywhere.
  • CIMON-XPANEL is a Windows CE based HMI unit. A combination of software and hardware, suitable for various monitoring needs within industrial sites.
  • CIMON-PLC is an industrial control device based on international standards of IEC61131. It is designed for a plant site that requires industry-leading reliability. CIMON-PLC is optimized for Industry 4.0 and enhances the intelligence of industrial sites.
  • Hybrid Xpanel, paired with a user-friendly design, is the ideal solution to get maximum benefits from two reliable and powerful CIMON products.
  • CIMON-IPC is a Windows OS based industrial PC which displays performance metrics in various industrial sites. IPC provides key indicators that help improve productivity and efficiency. Take advantage of faster start-up and processing speeds plus greater product functioning with your choice of Intel J1900, i3-6100U or i5-6300U processors options.
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