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Quantum Devices, Inc.'s QD145 Optical Encoder offers a superior feedback solution for applications commonly utilizing modular encoders. Featuring an ultra-compact height of only 0.87" and the stability brought by a bearing encoder design, the QD145 model can make a significant performance improvement in applications that are limited by traditional modular encoder solutions.

Its outputs include a quadrature with reference pulse and three-phase commutation, which can be configured to work with either the industry-standard 5 volt RS422A Line Driver or the flexible 5 to 26 volt OL7272 line driver. A flexible component allows for a much larger tail shaft run out than what's typically tolerated by modular encoder designs, while also delivering 30 degrees of rotation for commutation timing. The QD145's housing, made from conductive carbon fiber composite, provides the EMI shielding of an all-metal enclosure, alongside the high-performance attributes of a lightweight, robust assembly.


More Information
ManufacturerQuantum Devices
Encoder OutputQuadrature, Reference / Index Channel
Encoder TechnologyOptical
Encoder TypeIncremental
Max Operating Temperature (°F)212.00
Max Outer Diameter (mm)37.08
Max Resolution (counts/rev)2,048.00
Max Operating Temperature (°C)100.00
Max Speed (RPM)8,000.00
Output SignalAM26LS31 RS 422A Line Driver
Rotor Inertia (kg-m-s²)1.06E-06
Rotor Inertia (oz-in-s²)0.00015
Product CategoryEncoders - Rotary
1.45" Diameter Incremental Optical Encoder, 0.3125" Hollow Shaft, 2048 Pulse/Rev

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