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The Quantum Devices, Inc. Model QDH20 brings an enhanced feedback solution in applications typically using a standard size 20 package.

The QDH20 provides encoder feedback in conventional industrial mounting configurations, offering high-quality mechanical and environmental protection. Its outputs consist of a quadrature A & B with reference pulse Z as a standard feature, and the output can be configured with either a 5 to 26 volt OL7272 line driver or open collector outputs.

The QDH20 incorporates two heavy-duty bearings on the output shaft and two additional bearings along with a built-in flexible spring mount, effectively shielding the operational elements of the encoder from mechanical strains.


More Information
ManufacturerQuantum Devices
Encoder OutputQuadrature, Reference / Index Channel
Encoder TechnologyOptical
Encoder TypeIncremental
Maximum Shock Rating (G)50
Max Operating Temperature (°F)212.00
Max Outer Diameter (mm)52.32
Max Resolution (counts/rev)512.00
Max Operating Temperature (°C)100.00
Max Speed (RPM)8,000.00
Output SignalOL7272 High Voltage Line Driver
Rotor Inertia (kg-m-s²)2.45E-07
Rotor Inertia (oz-in-s²)3.40E-04
Product CategoryEncoders - Rotary
Size 20 Flange Incremental Optical Encoder, 0.375" Solid Shaft, 512 Pulse/Rev, Radial 10 Pin Connector

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