Gear Reducers

Gear Reducers

Planetary Gearboxes are constructed with a sun gear, ring gear and planetary gears.  The sun gear is the central gear which is fixed in the center, ring gear (annulus ring) which is the outer ring with inward-facing teeth, and the planetary gears which rotate around the sun gears and mesh with both the sun and ring gear.  Planetary gearboxes are used in applications requiring low backlash, compact size, high efficiency, resistance to shock, and a high torque to weight ratio.Gear Reducers

Our gearing products include:

  • Inline Planetary Gearhead Products, Low Backlash
  • Inline Planetary Gearhead Products, Standard Backlash
  • MultiDrive Planetary Gearhead Products

These are our manufacturing partners for planetary gearboxes and their catalogs:

Here are some selection guides to help you find the right part to request:

GAM Product Series Breakdown:

GAM's Gear Reducers

Shimpo Product Series Breakdown:

 Shimpo's Gear Reducers

Micron Product Series Breakdown:

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