Electromagnetic Brakes & Clutches

Electromagnetic brakes & clutches both operate in similar manners. They are both electrically activated but transmit torque mechanically. Their engagement time depends on magnetic field strength, air gap, and inertia. Additionally, they both share the same structural components: coil, hub, armature. However, clutches have a rotor that connects to the moving part of the machine.

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Electromagnetic Brakes

The role of electromagnetic brakes (EM brakes) is to stop power. They are able to stop/maintain and slow various movements using an electromagnetic force. There are two different types of electromagnetic brakes: power off and power on. Power off EM brakes stop or hold a load when electrical power is either accidentally or intentionally disconnected. Power On brakes are used to stop a rotating load when the electrical power is turned on.

Electromagnetic Clutches

Electromagnetic clutches are used to transmit and cut off power on the driven side with an electromagnetic force. They can disconnect and connect power without stopping the power and use a single plate friction surface to engage the input/output members of the clutch. EM clutches are the most common type of electromechanical clutches and can be used in printing machinery, food processing machinery, factory automation and much more.

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