Cycloidal Speed Reducer

Circulute 3000 Speed ReducerCycloidal (planocentric) Gearboxes employ eccentric motion to achieve its speed reduction.  It uses noncircular or eccentric motion to convert input rotation into a wobbly cycloidal motion.  This motion is then converted back into a circular output rotation.  During this process, speed reduction occurs.  Unlike Harmonic Drive® products, which employ a flexible cylinder that doesn’t move in its entirety but stretches to mesh with the internal circular spline gear to achieve a type of cycloidal motion, the cycloidal (planocentric) drives will actually move the entire internal gear in an eccentric motion.

Cycloidal Speed Reducer Features (Circulute 3000):

  • 35 basic sizes, available as single, double and triple reduction units
  • Input power range from 1/8 HP (.1 kW) to 60 HP (45 kW)
  • Ratio range from 11:1 to 357,911:1
  • Output torque range from 377 in. lbs. (42 Nm) to 65,000 in. lbs. (7,340 Nm)
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