Safety Couplings

Safety couplings are used to minimize damage when a collision occurs in a high performance servo drive system. In a collision, servo couplings will stop destructive inertial forces instantly and eliminate downtime and costly repairs often associated with collisions.

These couplings are specifically designed for overload protection; if a predefined torque limit value is exceeded, the coupling separates.

GAM Safety Couplings

Servo2Go supplies GAM’s line of safety couplings that feature high torques and single point 360˚ re-engagement.

They feature low inertia, compensation for misalignment, and zero backlash. They also provide high torsional stiffness and can operate under high temperatures. View our selection of GAM safety couplings below!

Industries & Applications

Safety couplings are commonly used in heavy-duty industries for applications such as:

  • Building and construction equipment like Excavators and Crushers
  • Rolling mills
  • Steel Plants
  • Turbines
  • Industrial conveyor systems

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