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Model 2035XD

Drivers with Oscillators

Dual axis 2.0A @ 35VDC output Full/Half Step Drive with Oscillator

Model 2035XD - Drivers with Oscillators
from $276.00/ea

The 2035XD step motor driver is a two axis, software configured step/direction or oscillator drive. Drives can be quickly and precisely configured using our eXposition software and a Windows PC. When configured for pulse/direction mode, the two drives can be commanded by the step and direction signals available from many PLCs and step motor indexers. In oscillator mode, the two drives generate their own acceleration and deceleration profiles and are commanded by digital run/stop signals. These signals can be supplied by PLCs, mechanical switches, single board computers or other motion control devices. Speeds may be fixed or can be set "on the fly" by 0 to 5 volt analog signals.

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Features of Drivers with Oscillators

  • DC bus voltage 12-35 VDC motor supply (including ripple)
  • Software programmable motor current, 0.1-2.0 amps/phase
  • Software programmable step size, 200-50800 steps/rev
  • Automatic idle current reduction
  • Four optically isolated digital inputs: step/run 1, step/run 2, direction 1, direction 2
  • Two analog inputs, 10 bit resolution, 0 - 5VDC
  • On-board oscillator generates step pulses and accel/decel ramps
  • Fixed speed or proportional to analog input
  • Optically isolated 5-24 VDC Tach output for monitoring speed
  • 70 watts of usable power per axis
  • Screw terminal connectors
  • Dual H-bridge, inaudible PWM amplifier
  • 3 state, pulse width modulated current control, switching at 20-30 KHz
  • Drives 4, 6 or 8 lead size 11, 14, 17 or 23 step motors

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Dual axis Full/Half Step Drive with Oscillator
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