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ST-7565A-2 Series

DC Tachometers

Low Cost Bearingless DC Tachometer Generators 1-24 volts/1000 RPM

ST-7565A-2 Series - DC Tachometers

The new ST-7565 series DC tachometer generators use a #10-32 threaded shaft that quickly attaches to a tapped #10-32 motor shaft. No shaft coupling or tachometer mounting kit is required. Two mounting holes, on 1.5" mounting centers, are used to mount the tachometer body. Other mounting confi gurations are available, including a PY type adapter that can be mounted to tachometer ready TENV motors.

Like all of Servo-Tek's DC tachometer generators, the ST-7565 is self-generating and requires only two wires to sense the analog voltage output. Using an overhung design with no bearings, the driving torque is low.

When this DC tachometer generator is used in reversing applications, the bi-directional output is a maximum of 0.5% of the nominal voltage in both CW and CCW directions. Linearity is 0.1% maximum up to 4000 RPM and ripple is a maximum of 5% RMS of the DC output voltage. While the ST-7565A-2 offers a standard voltage output of 7 volts/1000 RPM, other voltage outputs up to 24 volts/1000 RPM are available. Even though the innovative design of the ST-7565 series tachometer is cost effective, it still offers the same high quality silver commutator used on all of Servo-Tek's DC tachometer generators.

The ST-7565 series DC tachometer Generator offers a simple low cost solution for measuring and controlling speed.

Product Availability:
Custom Order: Ships in 3-5 Weeks
(Expedited Airfreight Option Available For Sooner Delivery)

Features of DC Tachometers

  • Output Voltage: 7 VDC ± 5%, no load, per 1000 RPM at 25°C
  • Internal Resistance: 270 Ohms typical at 25°C
  • Ripple: 5% RMS of DC output voltage at speeds over 40 RPM
  • Linearity: 0.1% max, 0 to 4000 RPM
  • Bidirectional Output: 0.5% of nominal output in both CW and CCW directions
  • Polarity: Red wire positive with CCW rotation viewing shaft end
  • Breakdown Voltage: 500 VAC at 60Hz between terminals & housing for 1 sec
  • Temp. Coefficient: 0.05% per °C of nominal output at 25°C from -20°C to 50°C

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