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BL2100 Series

Single-board Computer Products

Smartcat Models BL2100, BL2110, BL2120, BL2130

BL2100 Series - Single-board Computer Products
from $329.00/ea

Designed for medium-scale control and monitoring applications, the Smartcat is a high-performance single-board computer that gives OEM designers Ethernet and keypad/display options all in one low-cost package. The Smartcat offers plenty of sinking/sourcing digital I/O with A/D and D/A, providing comprehensive integrated control capabilities in a compact 4.14" x 3.41" (105 x 87 mm) form factor. Ethernet models are ideal for remotely monitoring and supervising another programmable system or web-enabling new or existing products. The Ethernet interface is fully supported by software to enable network and Internet connectivity.

Available in four flexible configurations-two with Ethernet, two without-all Smartcat models feature 40 digital I/O, 3 RS-232/485 serial ports (plus one programming port), Rabbit 2000 microprocessor at 22.1 MHz, 128K SRAM and 256K Flash (standard), 7 timers, and battery-backed real-time clock. For the most demanding applications, the BL2100 and BL2120 models include 11 channels of 12-bit resolution A/D input and 4 channels of 12-bit D/A output. The Smartcat's 16 digital push/pull outputs allow per-point sinking or sourcing, addressing the needs of both the domestic and international markets.

A 7-key 122 x 32 graphic display is available as a cost-effective user interface (a panel-mount, water-resistant NEMA 4 version is also available). Keypad legends are easily modified by customizing printed paper inserts. User-programmable LEDs provide quick-status feedback, and the entire board/display/keypad assembly mounts in an integrated plastic enclosure.

The Smartcat is available as an unenclosed printed circuit board, mounted on a plastic baseplate, in a plastic enclosure with a display, or with a panel-mounted display connected to the board with a flat cable.

Programs are developed using Z-World's industry-proven Dynamic C Premier software development system via RS-232 interface. Software libraries and a built-in converter program facilitate display of international characters, bitmap images, and graphic constructs such as circles, lines, and squares. An extensive library of drivers and sample programs is provided, along with royalty-free TCP/IP stack with source. All Smartcat models can be programmed and debugged over Ethernet/Internet using appropriate accessory hardware.

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Features of Single-board Computer Products


  • Optional backlit 122 x 32 pixel graphic display, 7 user-relegendable keys, 7 LEDs
  • 10Base-T Ethernet with RJ-45
  • Optional 512K Flash/512K SRAM
  • 40 sinking/sourcing digital I/O
  • 11 A/D and 4 D/A
  • 4 serial ports
  • Software support enables network connectivity, E-mail, web server

Name/Description 1-4 (US$) 5-9 (US$) 10-24 (US$)
Model BL2100. Analog and Ethernet.
 329.00  310.00  310.00
Model BL2120. Analog, no Ethernet.
 291.00  273.00  273.00
Model BL2130. No Analog, no Ethernet.
 203.00  191.00  191.00

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Spec Sheet: BL2100-BL2000 Series Spec Sheet.pdf
Download Size: 175.61 kb
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-Optional Software for SBC&d=100117
-Optional Operator Interfaces
-Optional Peripherals & Accessories
-Software: Dynamic C Premier
-Software: Dynamic C Sample Programs
-User Manual:
-User Manual:

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