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Ethernet/RS232 Stand-Alone Motion Controllers

2 Axes Stand-Alone Econo Series Motion Controller

DMC-3425 - Ethernet/RS232 Stand-Alone Motion Controllers
from $595.00/ea

**This product is NRFND (Not Recommended For New Designs)**

The DMC-3425 is the first product in Galil's new E-Series line designed specifically for Ethernet-based distributed systems. The DMC-3425 provides a highly versatile and powerful form of distributed control where multiple DMC-3425 controllers are linked together. When linked, one DMC-3425 is designated as the master over the other DMC-3425 controllers in the distributed system. The master, acting as a virtual multi-axis controller, receives all commands from the host computer and passes them to the other controllers. This allows for simple and quick communications as multiple communication links between the host computer and each controller are eliminated.

Each DMC-3425 provides precise control of two servo motors, which is ideal for tightly coupled and coordinated motion. Up to four DMC-3425 controllers can be linked together allowing up to eight axes to be commanded by a single communication link from the host computer.

The DMC-3425 includes three uncommitted digital inputs, three digital outputs, two analog inputs and expansion for up to 64 additional I/O. The controller is offered as a card level product or in a stand-alone box with integrated power supply. Other features of the controller include non-volatile program memory, variables, arrays and multitasking. Forward and reverse limits and a home input are included for each axis.

Programming the DMC-3425 is simplified with two-letter, intuitive commands and a full set of software tools such as WSDK for servo tuning and analysis, ActiveX Tool Kit for Visual Basic users and a C-Programmers Tool Kit. The 3425 comes standard with the ability to control two servo motors, yet it can be configured to output two stepper motor signals instead for no additional charge.

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(Expedited Airfreight Option Available For Sooner Delivery)

Features of Ethernet/RS232 Stand-Alone Motion Controllers

  • Provides Galil's "virtual multi-axis" controller capability allowing up to four DMC-3425 controllers to be coordinated as one controller
  • Provides Ethernet 10BASE-T and one RS232 port up to 19.2 kb.
  • Ethernet supports multiple masters and multiple slaves allowing communication with multiple computers and I/O devices
  • Supports ModBus protocol for communication with I/O devices
  • Can be ordered with STEPPER motor outputs instead of analog. (Note: This option eliminates AMPEN and ERROR outputs)
  • Accepts up to 12 MHz encoder frequencies for servos and 3 MHz for steppers
  • Advanced PID compensation with velocity and acceleration feedforward, integration limits and notch filter
  • Modes of motion include jogging, point-to-point positioning, linear and circular interpolation, contouring, electronic gearing and ECAM for two servo motors
  • Multitasking for concurrent execution of two application programs
  • Non-volatile memory for application programs, variables and arrays
  • 3 uncommitted digital inputs, 3 digital outputs, 2 analog inputs
  • Expansion for 64 I/O with DB-14064(only available with Card Level product). Also communicates with the IOC-7007 for additional I/O & Analog Expansion
  • Forward and reverse limits and home input for each axis
  • High speed position latch and encoder output compare
  • Compact size: DMC-3425-CARD 3.75" x 5.0" DMC-3425-BOX 5.1" x 3.0" x 6.8"
  • DMC-3425-BOX accepts 90-260 VAC
  • Custom hardware and firmware options available
  • Ceramic Motor Option allows precise control for all Ceramic Motors.

Name/Description 1-4 (US$) 5-9 (US$) 10-24 (US$)
Ethernet 1-axis card
DMC-3415 Card
 595.00  595.00  565.00
16-bit analog-to-digital
-16 bit ADC for analog inputs
 100.00  100.00  95.00
1-axis servo amplifier
 495.00  495.00  458.00
Extended I/O cable; 1 meter
CABLE - 80 - 1m
 135.00  135.00  130.00
Extended I/O cable; 4 meter
CABLE - 80 - 4m
 160.00  160.00  155.00
37-pin cable
CABLE 37-pin D
 25.00  25.00  25.00
RS232 cable
CABLE 9-pin D
 10.00  10.00  10.00
50-pin to 80-pin (Ext. I/O)
 75.00  75.00  70.00
64 I/O expansion
 295.00  295.00  280.00
Option for DC power input
DC converter option
 100.00  100.00  95.00
Ethernet 1-axis in box
DMC-3415 box
 795.00  795.00  755.00
Ethernet 2 axis Servo Box
DMC-3425-Servo Box
 895.00  895.00  850.00
Ethernet 2 axis Servo Card
DMC-3425-Servo Card
 695.00  695.00  660.00
Ethernet 2 axis Stepper Box
DMC-3425-Stepper Box
 895.00  895.00  850.00
Ethernet 2 axis Stepper Card
DMC-3425-Stepper Card
 695.00  695.00  660.00
Interconnect module
 145.00  145.00  133.00
ICM with 20W amp
 220.00  220.00  201.00
ICM with optoisolation
 195.00  195.00  185.00
Interconnect module for steppers
 145.00  145.00  135.00
Opto isolation for 64 I/O
 695.00  695.00  645.00

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