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Meet the Inertia Dynamic Family of Servo Brakes &...

11 months ago 21 Views

Inertia Dynamic's 36 years of business growth as a world-class manufacturer of clutches and brakes have been marked by a commitment to TOTAL CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Advanced Motion Controls Expands their EtherCAT Product Offering

1 year ago 11 Views

ADVANCED Motion Controls announce the release of a full family of high performance EtherCAT Servo Drives.  Models are available with AC (single or three phase) or DC inputs, from 7.5amp continuous (15A pk) to 50amp continuous (100A pk).

Inertia Dynamics Spring Applied Brakes for Servo & Stepper Motors

1 year ago 12 Views

SAB brakes from Inertia Dynamics are designed to be engaged and disengaged in a static condition at zero RPM. They are best used as a parking brake to hold a load in position.  

Servo-Tek Publish 8pg Comprehensive DC Tachometer Catalog

1 year ago 10 Views

The new Servo-Tek Products Company tachometer catalog includes detailed specifications of all Servo-Tek high performance DC tachometers for precision speed control applications.

New eTOP310 from Exor. A Powerful Industrial PLC/Workstation

2 years ago 14 Views

The UniOP eTOP310 combines great features and performance with full compatibility with UniOP legacy products and UniOP Designer 6 software. The eTOP310 is an ideal choice to improve your existing HMI application. 

Why Go Metric?

5 years ago 11 Views

The U.S. is a multi-lingual country, in its measurement units as well as its language.  The rest of the world, however, uses one language for measurement, and that is metric.  This makes the U.S. the only industrialized country that has not standardized on this system, even though it has had over 200 years in which to join the rest of the world.

Advanced Motion Controls Expands their EtherCAT Z-Drives Offering

5 years ago 14 Views

Advanced Motion Controls announces the release of 4 new EtherCAT Z-Drives to expand on the existing DZEANTU-020B080 EtherCAT node drives and the DZSANTU-020B080 sub-node drives.  

ElectroCraft's New EXC-Series 2.3-inch AC Servo Motors

5 years ago 10 Views

The new EXC-Series 2.3-inch AC Servo Motors, are high voltage, high performance brushless servo motors incorporating the latest electro-magnetic components creating high continuous torques with low inertia for rapid acceleration.

ADVANCED Motion Controls analog Z-Drives now output nearly 5kW of peak power in a footprint smaller than a smartphone

5 years ago 10 Views

Available immediately are 6 new analog Z-Drive models with increased current output of 60A peak and 30A continuous designed with the same footprint and pin functionality as the previous 40A versions. 

New Low Ripple DC Tachometers from Servo-Tek

5 years ago 14 Views

Servo-Tek Tach Generators provide a convenient means of converting rotational speed into an isolated analog voltage signal suitable for remote indication and control applications.