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Thursday, February 18, 2010

DC Tachometer Generators Feature Low Ripple

Greenville, DE-  Servo2Go has just added a new high performance DC Tachometer Generator to its broad range of analog feedback devices.

Manufactured by Servo-Tek Products Company Inc., the CS-7514F-51C tachometer features:

  • LOW RIPPLE Tach Generator 1.5% Peak to Peak (with 72 HKz filter)
  • Gettys motor compatibility
  • 3 Volts per 1000 RPM Standard - Other Voltages Available
  • .250 Diameter Stainless Steal Shaft
  • Two Shaft Extensions .650 inch (CS-7561F-51C) and .875 inch (CS-7514F-51C)
  • Standard Servo and Face Mount with .500 inch Pilot
  • Special One Piece Anodized Housing
  • Lead Wires and Rear Cover Included
  • High Quality Ball Bearings
  • Varnish Impregnated Armature for High Speed Reversing Applications
  • Linearity 0.1%
  • Silver Commutator
  • Ships in <1 week
More information on the CS-7514F-51C tachometer can be viewed at-
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"We are satisfied."

-Jose G., Bubble Technology

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"Hi Warren, The quote looked good and I have asked our purchasing department to act on it. Your company is on AECL's..."

-Gordon T., AECL

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