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Monday, July 20, 2009

Servo2Go Offers Microstepper Drive Starter Kit Shipped From Stock

For a limited time only, are offering an Si2035 Starter Kit for only $440 US/person [Save $100 US off the List Price]. The Si2035 Starter Kit comprises: 1pc Si2035 Indexer/Drive with Development Software 4023-820-001 Motor Programming and Power Cables.
Greenville, DEThe Si2035 is a programmable stepper drive/indexer packaged in a rugged steel case painted black with white epoxy silkscreen. Integral heat sink, mounting brackets, switch covers and connectors are included with each Si2035. The drive/indexer has been matched with nine recommended NEMA 11, 14, 17 and 23 motors and comes with all operating software necessary to create a complete stepper motion solution.
The Si2035 includes Applied Motion Products', Microsoft Windows based, Si™ software language for quick set up and ease of use. The Si™ is ideal for stand-alone operation. For more experienced users, with software development expertise, the Si2035 also comes with Applied's Si Command Language (SCL) programming instruction set. SCL allows for control of the Si™ drive from a host PC or PLC thus permitting the user to perform a variety of motion, I/O tasks and system status retrieval via the host.
Multiple axis applications are handled by our SiNet™ Hub Programmer, which gives you the ability to control up to 8 Si™ drives, either stepper or servo on the same hub. Not only can you coordinate up to eight motors, the hub also has access to the inputs and outputs of all the drives, providing your program with up to 64 inputs and 24 outputs. You can also use Applied's MMI which allows the machine operator to enter specific motion commands. Factory set to operate at 110-volt input; the Si2035 can be set by the user to operate at 220-volt input by a simple switch selection. Pluggable screw terminal blocks are provided for the I/O, motor and AC power inputs. Mating connectors, programming cable with computer interface connector as well as all operating software are provided with each Si™ drive.
More information on the Si2035 Starter Kit can be viewed at-

"The AMP system is working wonderfully. It's an excellent product. Very straight forward to setup and program and very..."

-Trevor J., Image Point

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"Thank-you guys, I appreciate your help."

-Meriton R., ATS

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