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Initiated in 2006, Exor's journey with JMobile software began with the vision to craft a distinctive software solution. In collaboration with a consortium of premier clients, Exor has devoted over 300 man-years to its evolution. This symbiotic relationship with the industry has blossomed over time, yielding a software package that stands unparalleled in its offerings.

JMobile, with its holistic approach, proficiently bridges the gap from edge to cloud. It encompasses essential facets such as device and process management, data visualization, and comprehensive connectivity, becoming an indispensable tool for every tier of an Industrial IoT platform architecture.

Foreseeing the future trends in 2010, Exor pioneered JMobile 4 Web, which acts as a conduit between industrial control systems and prevalent mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. With its roots in the guiding principles of JMobile, it has evolved to offer the most extensive Pure Web Technology in the market. Behind this software stands EXOR, a brand with a rich legacy spanning 45 years in the industrial realm.


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