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The HT34-489 two-phase stepper motor is designed for use with the STAC6 series of stepper drives (120 VAC input versions only) and is suitable for a wide range of motion control applications. The motor comes with an integral 10 ft shielded cable and a preassembled drive connector for easy connection to a STAC6 drive.

When not used with STAC6 drives, the preassembled drive connector can be removed to reveal 8 motor leads plus 1 ground lead. The 8 motor leads can be connected in one of three ways to the step motor drive of your choice: bipolar series (required for STAC6 drives), bipolar parallel, or unipolar.

Note: The HT34-489 step motor has been superseded by the HT34-496 step motor for use in all new applications with STAC6 stepper drives.


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Manufacturer Applied Motion Products
Environment Dust-proof
Gearing Type Motor Only
Max Current Per Phase (A) 8.2
Max Holding Torque (mNm) 7838
Max Holding Torque oz (in) 1110
Max Length (mm) 117.5
Max Length (in) 4.63
Max Number Of Leads 8
Max Operating Temperature (°C) 50
Max Operating Temperature (°F) 122
Shaft Diameter (mm) 5
Shaft Diameter (in) 0.2
Motor Construction Hybrid Stepper
Motor Shape Square Body
Motor Type High torque
NEMA Frame Size 34
Shaft Orientation Double-ended
Step Angle (°) 1.8
Product Category NEMA Frame Stepper Motors
NEMA 34 Frame, 7838 mNm Holding Torque, 1.8 degrees step angle

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